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White papier-mâché half mask, slim model, per 2 pieces

White papier-mâché half mask, slim model, per 2 pieces

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Here are two plain white Venetian papier-mâché masks in a slim model.This mask is named after Colombina, a character from the Italian Commedia dell'arte. Colombina wore no mask but because this one has no particular expression, Italian mask makers have named it after her. Colombina was Harlequin’s mistress and Pierrot’s wife. She had a flirtatious and impudent personality but she never lost her judgment.This white mask is an excellent base to create your own style. A papier-mâché mask can handle all materials that you can think of. Use your imagination and create your own Venetian mask. The Venetian mask has two ribbons for wearing. In our section Venetian ball masks you see a beautiful example of a decorated plain white papier-mâché half mask.

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