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V for Vendetta mask

V for Vendetta mask

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Venetian costume mask from Venice decorated with black, white and red paint. The V for Vendetta mask will remind you of the film from 2006. However, not many people know that this V for Vendetta mask also refers to a comic strip series, which was written and published in the 1980s. With the original V for Vendetta mask, you can play the part of the mysterious Guy Fawkes, who rebelled against the leaders of a totalitarian and dictatorial United Kingdom.

The Vendetta mask is also called Anonymous mask used by the Anonymous protest group.

The V for Vendetta mask can be worn for costume parties, Mardi Gras, Venetian masked ball, Halloween or masquerade balls. After the celebration, you can hang your V-mask on the wall, it would be a stunning wall decoration.

The Guy Fawkes or Vendetta-mask has two ribbons for wearing.

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