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Plain Blanco papier-mâché Commedia dell'arte drama mask Il Capitano

Plain Blanco papier-mâché Commedia dell'arte drama mask Il Capitano

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Our replica of the blank Venetian papier-mâché Capitano mask has recently been used in the film Doctor Parnassus but this model mask has its origins in the Italian Commedia dell'arte.Il Capitano or The Captain was an actor of the Commedia dell'arte, a theatre of comedy and drama that flourished in the 16th and 17th century. The characteristic of the Commedia is that its actors always played their role with a mask. Capitano had the role of a Spanish occupier of Venice and the long nose of the Capitano-mask must be seen as a nod to the Spanish-nose.Capitano was an the great conquistador that stood in front of every battle. Yet, while that may be the tale that was told, the reality is that the only battle that Capitano delivered was a battle between himself and his own sword, as it completely eroded into his scabbard.Imagine him, Il Capitano with a hat with lushes of feathers, standing high and mighty with a straight back, one arm in the air and the other hand on his sword, a potential legend of loyalty and bravery, aren’t we all a Capitano sometimes.The blank papier-mâché masks can be painted and decorated at your own idea. In the section Costume masks you see a elaborated example of a blanco Commedia dell’arte drama mask of Capitano. The Venetian mask has two ribbons for wearing.

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