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Japanese Noh-mask, Nohmen mask of a woman,

Japanese Noh-mask, Nohmen mask of a woman,

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Noh mask woman “Ko omote” mask, made of papier mache. Handmade and handdecorated japanese mask.
This mask is a wearable mask but also a home decoration mask.
The masks has two ribbons to wear.

Speaking of Noh masks, firstly, it is essential to know about Noh Theatre. Noh Theatre, also referred to as Nohgaku, is an ancient Japanese performing art with a history spanning over 600 years. It blends drama, music, and dance to craft a distinct and stylized theatrical experience. Noh Theatre is distinguished by its deliberate and unhurried movements, evocative poetry, and symbolic narrative. These performances frequently draw inspiration from historical events, folklore, literature, and religious customs, creating captivating stories.

You might be wondering why Noh masks hold such significant importance in Noh Theatre. It's because Noh performers believe that these masks possess a certain inherent power, transcending them from mere props to profound symbols of transformation. When they cover their faces with these masks, it becomes a spiritual act, similar to donning makeup with deeper symbolism.

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