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Blue Joker mask

Blue Joker mask

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This Joker mask is made of strong papier-mâché in which the recognizable ironic smile of the Joker is accurately represented. The Joker is decorated with gold leaf and shades of blue and has a richly decorated headdress of sturdy sheet music with golden bells at the end.

The Venetian Joker Mask is a piece of art that you can really wear.This handmade mask from the Joker is certainly a beautiful work of art for the wall, but the Joker mask has straps and you can use it very well for a masked party or the Carnival.

The size of the mask is 35 cm wide and 35 cm long. The size of the face of the mask is the same as the size of an average face.

Because our masks are made by hand and by several mask makers, each piece is unique and may therefore differ slightly from the images on the website. #borisbrejcha #joker

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