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Basic full-face papier-mâché mask

Basic full-face papier-mâché mask

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Here you will find the real principle of mask making, a handmade papier-mâché mask of a human face. This white mask is the base on which we create our full-face masks ourselves. Papier-mâché masks are made out of layers of glue-saturated paper. After the drying process, the papier-mâché mask is sanded and painted white.This can result in a strong mask foundation that can be decorated by yourself with any material you can think of. Let your imagination run wild, the white papier-mâché mask can handle acrylic and oil paints, beads, seeds, stones, shells, colourful sand, gold-leaf, markers, fabrics and paper, wool, hair, drawings and much more. In our section Costume masks you see a good example of a decorated plain white papier-mâché mask.The blank white mask has ribbon ties so you can really wear your own mask creation. Have fun and don’t forget to send Maskshopvenice a picture of your final piece of art! The size: approx. 16x24 cm.

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